How to transfer Reviews?

Transferring reviews from Etsy to Shopify with Shuttle is a 2 step process.

Step #0: Storing your Shopify SKUs

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of review transfer with Shuttle, let’s talk about Storing your Shopify SKUs in Shuttle. If you have used Shuttle/Etsify to transfer your products from Etsy to Shopify, you can skip this step.

Storing your Shopify SKUs in Shuttle is crucial to review transfer. During the process of review transfer, Shuttle needs to determine to which product to assign which review - to do so, it needs to figure out a way to match your Shopify products to your Etsy products.

Shuttle does that using SKUs. When Shuttle attempts to transfer a review, it looks at the reviewed product SKU and then looks for that SKU in Shopify, if it finds a product with that same SKU in Shopify, Shuttle assigns the review to that product.

So - if you didn’t use Shuttle to transfer your Etsy products to Shopify, and you have SKUs assigned to your products – please store your Shopify SKUs in Shuttle. You’ll find in the Overview page, Reviews page, and in the Account Page (Shops), a way to store your Shopify SKUs.

Step #1: Store your Reviews

The first step in the process of transferring the reviews is to store them in Shuttle. Once the reviews are stored in Shuttle, you can go through them, assign them to different products, and, in general, make sure it all looks good and ready to be transferred to Shopify.

Once the reviews are stored in Shuttle, you’ll be able to filter them to only see reviews that are not assigned to any product - which will allow you to easily make sure all reviews are assigned to a Shopify product and ensure that all your Etsy reviews will be transferred.

With Shuttle you can store all your Shop’s reviews, or, alternatively, if you already stored your reviews once - store only the recently received reviews.

Step #2: Export the Reviews to a CSV file

Once the reviews are stored, and you made sure they are assigned correctly - It’s time to export the reviews to a CSV file.

Why? Well, since Shuttle is not a reviews management app, and is not able to display the reviews in your Shopify shop - it is compatible with several apps that specialize in just that.

Shuttle is currently compatible with the following Product Reviews Apps:

  • Shopify’s Product Reviews App
  •’s App
  • YOTPO App
  •’s App
  • Rivyo
  • Growave
  • Hulkapps

* If you can’t find your product reviews app in the list, please let us know and we’ll make sure Shuttle supports it.

So, why do we need the CSV file? The CSV file that Shuttle generates, needs to be uploaded into your Product Reviews app. The product reviews app then uses the CSV file to assign the reviews to your actual Shopify products.

Important! Before your export, your reviews, make sure you set Shuttle’s review export to your needs. In the export settings, you will be able to select your product reviews app, select a minimum rating for your reviews, add custom content for reviews that has no content, and change the name of the reviewers.

Automatic updates?

Yes! Shuttle can send you CSVs of your latest reviews directly to your email, so you can then quickly download and upload to your product reviews app. You can do so through the Reviews Settings page.