How To Transfer Products?

To save you as much time as possible, Shuttle offers multiple ways to transfer your products.

Transfer All Products

To transfer all products, simply go to the Products page and click on the ‘Transfer Active Products’ button (for active products, see transfer by state below).

This will open a drawer that will allow you to select a specific section, or transfer from all sections.

If you need to transfer all your products from Etsy to Shopify, select all sections and click on the ‘Transfer Now’ button

Transfer Specific Products

Shuttle makes it really each to transfer a set of products by providing a simple search field in which you can search for the specific product you want to transfer.

In the Products page, if you scroll down until you reach the products table - you’ll see, above the table, a search field. In it, you can type in the keywords from the title (or SKU) of the product you’d like to transfer and either click ‘enter’ or click on the search icon – Shuttle will look for that product in your Etsy shop, and if found, display below.

You can then either click on the ‘Transfer Now’ button, which will transfer the product to Shopify, or add the product to Queue. Which leads us to –

Transfer a Group of Products (Queue)

If there are multiple products you’d like to transfer, Shuttle provides a transfer queue - which can save you the time clicking on the ‘Transfer Now’ button for each one.

You can add the products to a queue, and then transfer all products by clicking on the ‘Transfer Queued Products’.

Transfer by Date

If you only want to transfer products that were added in the last, for example, 5 days - Shuttle offers a transfer by date option.

To transfer by date, go to the Overview page, and click on the Transfer Recent Products, you’ll see the same Transfer drawer - only this time, it will include a date picker. Select the desired date of the oldest product you’d like to transfer, and click on the Transfer Now button.

Please note: if you choose to transfer by date, Shuttle will not overwrite or update previously transferred products, but will only transfer new products.

Transfer by Product State

Shuttle also allows to transfer products by their state (Active, Inactive, Expired or Draft). To do so, click on the desired state in the tabbed navigation at the top of the Products page.

You can then choose to either transfer all products in that state, or specific ones.

Please note: You cannot search for products that are not in ‘Active’ state.