What is Etsy API Call Limit?

Etsy has a daily limit on the number of products/reviews it allows to transfer. The limit is not exact (as it slightly depends on the structure of the products/reviews), but roughly, it’s:

  • 2,500 Reviews, or,
  • 5,000 Products.

Sadly, there is nothing Shuttle can do about it 😕 Once the limit is reached - Etsy does not allow to transfer or store any more products/reviews.

The good news, as mentioned above, is that the limit is daily - this means that once the limit is reached - you’ll receive an email notification, and see the notification below in your Shuttle account page.

Once the notification disappears, you should be able to continue and perform transfers/stores. Within the notification, you can see the time left (an estimate) until the limit is lifted.

If your Shuttle account has reached this limit - I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience! I wish Etsy didn’t enforce this limit.